For me, 2019 was a year I wanted to forget in a hurry.

I was going about my household chores in June 2019, and one of these was cooking black beans. I was not new to using the pressure cooker. I finished working on a few things and decided to check that my beans had cooked. Upon touching the black pressure regulator, all hell broke loose. The vapour jumped at me and burnt my face and chest in a flash.

I took one look at myself and what I saw made me scream very hard. I was transferred to a hospital for medical attention. I resumed work after about three weeks, only to face the next uphill task that comes with healing.

My colleagues were supportive, but I still felt like I had lost a part of me. I would buy skin care remedies at pharmacies that I tried for a while but they did not work. I then tried home-based remedies such as applying aloe vera but that still did not work. One day, I was advised to visit Lintons Beauty World where one of the Consultants recommended that I use Forscar Scar Recovery Gel on the burn scars.

I used Forscar Scar Recovery Gel daily for less than 6 months and my skin is now completely healed.


Forscar Scar Recovery Gel works on both old and new scars. It flattens, softens and smoothes scar tissue while reducing the overall appearance of scarring, making it just about invisible with results seen from as little as sixty days.